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Our drivers are key to our success and our ability to provide excellent flatbed trucking service. We pay our drivers the best rates and treat each driver with the respect they deserve... Read more

A Trucking Company Dedicated to Respect and Customer Service

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EverGreen is an innovative and unique trucking company. We were founded on two essential principles: respect and customer service. We respect our drivers and reward them with great pay, safe equipment, and reliable home-time, which allows us to deliver great customer service as everyone on our team is motivated and working with a purpose to meet our customers’ goals. Contact us today if you are looking for a trucking company that will treat you better than any other no matter if you are a customer or a driver.

What Sets Our Trucking Company Apart

For our customers we have many solutions to meet many needs but it all comes down to one thing: customer service. No other trucking company is as focused on growing your company’s value as we are. Whether it is steel products (Standard, Over Length, & Over Width), building materials, pipe, or any freight requiring flatbed transportation, we can handle it all with guaranteed professionalism and reliability.

Whether you are looking for the best in truck driver jobs, or you are looking for a reliable trucking company to get your freight where it needs to go, EverGreen is the trucking company you have been waiting for. We believe that exceptional drivers and exceptional customers go hand in hand. When our drivers do great our customers’ businesses do great and everybody wins. This is the number one reason why we provide such great benefits for our dedicated drivers. When our drivers get the compensation and respect they deserve for their professional work, our customers get the service, speed, and safety they need to grow their business.

Our Dedication to Drivers & Customers

EverGreen is a trucking company that believes in commitment to both our drivers and our clients. Our clients deserve the best, which means we only hire the best drivers. We are a Core Carrier for many top companies, and we only achieved that status because of our dedication to our customers. That dedication comes directly from our drivers. Every truck driver who is a member of our company driver team operates late model equipment spec'ed out to be some of the most efficient tractors and trailers in the industry. Our trucks are spec'ed to be lightweight to reduce the chances or worrisome and expensive tickets, fuel efficient to improve company performance as well as help the drivers earn their fuel bonuses, correct frame lengths for Over Length loads, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems on tractors, Air Pressure Systems on trailers, Satellite Communications linked to our dispatch software, APU's to keep the drivers comfortable in all conditions, Prepass, and trailers with dunnage racks.

EverGreen, unlike many other trucking companies actually invests in safety by purchasing all of the available safety systems on our tractors such as, Forward Looking Radar with Auto Braking, Blind Spot Radar, Lane Departure System, and Anti Roll Stability. Our drivers appreciate the fact that we invest in their safety and their families sleep better knowing their loved ones are driving the safest trucks on the road today.

We also invest in protecting our environment by purchasing tractors with the latest Emission Control technology and as a result, we are members of the EPA's Smartway Transport.

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Whether you are searching for a trucking company to drive for or a company to handle all of your flatbed transportation needs, we have what you need at EverGreen. There is no better way to ensure the best service for our customers than to make sure our professional drivers are treated with the respect that they deserve. We understand this and are proud to work hard for our clients and our drivers.

Contact EverGreen today to learn more about our trucking company and the services that we offer or to apply for our truck driver jobs.

Mission Statement

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Our mission at EverGreen is to provide the highest quality transportation services for our valued customers by employing the most safe, professional, and dedicated drivers and support staff in the business. We are committed to providing superior customer service through dedication and investment in advanced safety features for our equipment and the latest transportation technology. We have an intense focus on safety, customer service, our people, and we approach each challenge with an open mind.

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