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EverGreen Industries is here for you. Whether you need trucking services such as flatbed service or wood chip hauling, or you are looking for a truck driver job, we are the company that is small enough to treat you like family but large and committed enough to get your job done or pay you the wages you deserve. Contact us using the information below to request a quote, apply for our driver jobs, get info on safety, or get answers to any other questions you might have for our customer and driver service experts.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our clients, and offer uncommon respect to our drivers. We know that a trucking company is built on both drivers and customers, and that both of those depend on each other. Without the best customers, we cannot provide for our drivers, and without the best drivers, we cannot retain our customers. When we encourage, respect, and reward each truck driver and owner operator, we can be sure that we will be offering the best to each customer.

Our Trucking Company Contact Information

All can be reached at 601-657-8783
Fax: 601-657-1050

Operations Manager:

Kim McDowell - Extension 214

Long Haul Load Planners & Dispatchers:

James Floyd - Extension 222

Stephen Williams - Extension 220

Regional Load Planner & Dispatcher:

Sam Honeycutt - Extension 221

Trucking Company Sales and Recruiting:

Dave Anders - 800-255-8954, ext 211


Accounting Manager/Payroll: Wanda Thomas - Extension 217

Accounts Payable: Tracy Cloy - Extension 216

Accounts Receivable: Pandora Bales - Extension 218

Trucking Company Safety:

Safety/Recruiting: Dave Anders - Extension 211

Maintenance & Safety: Eric Touchstone - Extension 213

Trucking Company President & CEO:

Patrick McCabe - Extension 210


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Whatever your question may be, whatever your situation may be, we are here to handle it. For our drivers, we are happy to listen to any concerns and provide access to resources that no other company will provide. For job applicants, we have great opportunities waiting for you; we have an answer for every question and a guarantee that you will be home on the weekends. For our clients, we have the best drivers who we treat like family, and who will treat you like family.

No haul is too big or too small, and a quote is the first step to getting where you need to go. Our trucking company was built from two trucks and seven trailers, and we will never forget those humble beginnings. Other flatbed trucking companies are only interested in getting from point A to point B with no commitment to service in between. That is not the way we run our trucking company. Call us today to work with EverGreen, where everyone is treated with respect, and everyone gets the best we have to offer.

Mission Statement

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Our mission at EverGreen is to provide the highest quality transportation services for our valued customers by employing the most safe, professional, and dedicated drivers and support staff in the business. We are committed to providing superior customer service through dedication and investment in advanced safety features for our equipment and the latest transportation technology. We have an intense focus on safety, customer service, our people, and we approach each challenge with an open mind.

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We are currently hiring for owner operators, lease purchases operators, and company truck drivers. Join our team and learn what it means to "Drive EverGreen". Read more about truck driving jobs or Apply Now.

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Our drivers are key to our success and our ability to provide excellent flatbed trucking service. We pay our drivers the best rates and treat each driver with the respect they deserve... Read more