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At EverGreen, we know you have a choice when it comes to who you trust to provide your flatbed trucking needs. We realized a long time ago that we only have one thing for sale and that one thing is "CUSTOMER SERVICE". That’s it. That’s what we sell and if we cannot provide that then we have nothing to offer our customers because they are not looking for a below average trucking company or even an average trucking company. Our customers are looking for the "BEST" trucking companies. We have always remembered that, and it is our Mantra and that is what has fueled our success. Flatbed trucking companies have to understand that there is a mutual relationship between customers and drivers – we do – and we aim to grow that relationship, and never let you down.

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Hire One of the Safest Flatbed Trucking Companies

When it comes to respect nothing speaks louder than a genuine concern for safety. We know that your loads are an important part of your business, and damage can mean unwanted expenses and delays. That is why we are always seeking to be one of the safest trucking companies on the road.

While other flatbed trucking companies will just put any driver on the road with a trailer to take care of a job, we invest in the safety of our trucks and drivers. We make sure our trucks are equipped with the latest in radar and braking assist technologies as well as offering advanced safety training to our drivers. This not only saves our drivers’ lives, it save our clients’ cargo and builds a relationship of trust.

A Dedication to Flatbed Trucking

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We are one of few flatbed trucking companies that started with flatbeds and remains committed to this service. Today, we have grown to become a core carrier for small and fortune 500 companies alike. We owe that all to our customers who have relied on our outstanding drivers’ day in and day out. No flatbed trucking company can earn success like that without respect and dedication. In the end, our goal is quality service, and knowing that our customers trust us above all others is all the thanks we need.

Flatbed trucking companies are essential for the delivery of standard legal loads and oversize loads, and we are proud to provide that service to our customers. The dedication to safety and respect that we show our drivers, means that we have a team that is ready to go the distance for our company and our customers. Our drivers are on your side 100% of the way because we are on their side. Few other flatbed trucking companies offer the service that we do because few companies care as much as we do.

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Contact us today if you are ready to work with a trucking company that is based on respect and service. We would be nowhere without our customers and our customers would be nowhere without our expert drivers. All of us working towards the same goal means expert, reliable, and safe delivery of your products and materials.

Mission Statement

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Our mission at EverGreen is to provide the highest quality transportation services for our valued customers by employing the most safe, professional, and dedicated drivers and support staff in the business. We are committed to providing superior customer service through dedication and investment in advanced safety features for our equipment and the latest transportation technology. We have an intense focus on safety, customer service, our people, and we approach each challenge with an open mind.

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