Georgia Truck Driving Jobs

Georgia Truck Driving Jobs

EverGreen Industries has been a leader in the trucking world for over 25 years. We have grown from a small two truck operation into a core carrier for top businesses many industries as well as a key provider of Georgia truck driving jobs.

Our company has grown largely thanks to our respect and appreciation for our drivers, which have been the force behind our success and an outstanding resource for our customers. We know that treating drivers well is the first step to becoming a leader, which is exactly why we offer some of the most sought after Georgia truck driving jobs. Call us today to learn more about opportunities with a trucking company that cares about its employees.

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Georgia Truck Driving Jobs and Opportunities

With a wide variety of jobs and opportunities available ranging from company jobs to owner operator opportunities, we offer Georgia truck driving jobs for every skill and interest level. Our opportunities include:

Georgia Trucking & Truck Driving Jobs

  • Flatbed Trucking: Flatbed trucking is one of our key Georgia truck driving jobs. We got our roots serving the lumber and steel industries in the Southeast, and we are proud to continue that heritage. Flatbed jobs are great for drivers who have some experience with driving a rig as the loads are more susceptible to wind, rain, and the elements, all of which affect the way the truck handles. For all of our flatbed trucking opportunities, EverGreen offers great pay, paying all drivers on Practical Route Miles, not Shortest Route Miles, because we believe in respect and giving every driver the chance to grow their career.
  • Oversize Load Trucking: These are our Georgia truck driving jobs for the most experienced drivers. Drivers operating oversize loads may have to drive different roads and definitely have to account for heavier loads and challenging freight dimensions. This can mean that a truck will react differently in many situations. We account for this by equipping our trucks with advanced safety features to ensure the safety of our drivers and cargo on these routes.
  • Regional/Local Truck Driving Opportunities: We also offer regional truck driving opportunities for owner operators. Our owner operators have the freedom to drive whatever routes they like, allowing them to make their own schedule. Driving local jobs allows drivers to be home when they want. However, even with our over the road driving jobs for company drivers, we promise to get drivers home 95% of weekends.

Benefits of Our Georgia Truck Driving Jobs

All of our Georgia truck driving jobs are eligible for company benefits such as full health insurance, 401k, paid vacation time, and 95% of weekends at home. Additionally, we consider safety a top priority, which is why all of the trucks at EverGreen are late models with new safety features such as lane change warning, and radar auto-braking to ensure safety and get our drivers home to their family and loved ones.

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Call our trucking company today to get started on your career with a company that believes that drivers are the most essential part of growing a logistics company. No one does more for their drivers because no one else in the industry sees their drivers the way we do: as family. When you drive for us, we are here for you.

Mission Statement

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Our mission at EverGreen is to provide the highest quality transportation services for our valued customers by employing the most safe, professional, and dedicated drivers and support staff in the business. We are committed to providing superior customer service through dedication and investment in advanced safety features for our equipment and the latest transportation technology. We have an intense focus on safety, customer service, our people, and we approach each challenge with an open mind.

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We are currently hiring for owner operators, lease purchases operators, and company truck drivers. Join our team and learn what it means to "Drive EverGreen". Read more about truck driving jobs or Apply Now.

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Our drivers are key to our success and our ability to provide excellent flatbed trucking service. We pay our drivers the best rates and treat each driver with the respect they deserve... Read more