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Logisitics Jobs & Your Trucking Career

While our drivers are the lifeblood of our company, our logistics jobs make up an integral part of our company as well. Acting as a backbone, our logistics personnel are the support team that keeps our drivers happy, healthy, safe, and organized so that they can deliver for our customers and the company can grow. As a family owned business, we treat our employees as part of our extended family, and we reward all of our employees for their dedication and commitment to helping our company grow.

Contact us today if you have experience with logistics jobs in the transportation industry and are looking to join a trucking company that is founded on respect and dedication.

Careers Available at EverGreen

There is more than just the excitement on road when working at a trucking company. Our logistics jobs share an integral part of what we do. As a member of our team, you will help the company grow, and support our drivers across the country. Our logistics job openings include careers in:

Trucking, Dispatch. & Logisitics Jobs

  • Maintenance: Join our team of Maintenance Coordinators who are responsible for keeping our fleet operating efficiently.
  • Dispatching: Dispatchers are needed to manage the day-to-day movement of our trucks. Think you can direct an entire fleet spread across the nation? We are looking for you to come work for us.
  • Payroll: We consider Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Human Resources to be key element of our operations. Accurate and on time payroll for our drivers and owner operators is something we take pride in and work very hard at. Team members in Payroll are respected by our drivers for keeping their payroll on time and accurate.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount to our trucking company. We are always looking for individuals who are up-to-date with the latest technologies to improve the safety of our fleet, and who can teach our drivers new techniques to keep themselves and other drivers safe. EverGreen puts our money where our mouth is on safety like no other flatbed trucking company, which is why members of our safety team are considered very important to our company.
  • Accounting and Accounts Receivable: Accounting and accounts receivable roles may get brushed under the rug elsewhere, but at EverGreen, we know we need experts to keep our company in the black, and delivering on our promises. We want to maximize the service we give our customers without maximizing the amount we charge them. Logistics jobs in accounting allow us to get it done.

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A trucking company is more than just rubber on the road; it takes the hard work of individuals in many logistics jobs to keep us running smoothly and effectively. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for logistics jobs that are more than just pushing pencils in an office. Come join our team and be part of what sets our trucking company apart!

Mission Statement

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Our mission at EverGreen is to provide the highest quality transportation services for our valued customers by employing the most safe, professional, and dedicated drivers and support staff in the business. We are committed to providing superior customer service through dedication and investment in advanced safety features for our equipment and the latest transportation technology. We have an intense focus on safety, customer service, our people, and we approach each challenge with an open mind.

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