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Keeping up with trucking industry news is an essential part of a successful truck driving career because changing technologies and regulations have such a big effect on what we do. EverGreen makes every effort as a company to stay current with the latest trends and technologies in order to keep our trucks and drivers as efficient and safe as possible on the road. Also, EverGreen is proud of our drivers and the successes they achieve with our help, which is why this page is dedicated recognizing our drivers success as well as sharing importing industry news and information. Contact us today with questions about the trucking news below or our trucking company in general.

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On this page, you can learn the latest trucking news and information about trends and changes in the trucking industry. We will also regularly feature company news and highlights about our drivers successes. Check back often for the latest news and information and to learn more about what we are doing to improve how we serve our customers and reward our drivers.

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Trucking News: Safety Changes & The Trucking Industry

One of the most exciting changes in the trucking industry comes in the form of technology. With computing power increasing while simultaneously shrinking in physical size, it has become very easy to get sophisticated systems onto over the road trucks. This means that new advances in safety equipment are coming every day.

Safety & Trucking News

As a trucking company, fully invested in our driver’s safety, EverGreen is committed to learning and implementing new technology in trucking industry and safety. One new technology we have invested in is Forward Looking Radar with Assistive Braking. This technology is built around accounting for changes outside the driver’s control. Radar is used to scan the lane immediately ahead of the truck and send information to a computer that controls the truck’s engine brakes and service brakes. When something crosses the path of the truck suddenly, or slows down gradually the system automatically brakes in either a controlled manner for efficiency or a drastic matter in emergencies. Some of these systems are even capable of setting a following distance and an overall speed while controlling acceleration and braking for efficiency.

Lane Departure Systems have been a hot topic in trucking news headlines as well. This is yet another system that takes advantage of the more readily available computers in trucks and is designed for improving safety on the road. Essentially the system scans the road for lane markings and when it detects the truck crossing a line, it prompts the driver through simulated rumble strips or other warnings to make a correction. Lane departures can happen due to weather, fatigue, or other incidents and this often leads to accidents. Whatever the cause, lane departure systems are capable of handling the warning. These systems not only save money on liability and damages, they also save our drivers’ lives and other drivers’ on the road.

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Trucking news is important to follow to help our drivers be successful in their careers. Therefore, we seek to provide the latest information, so that you can know how the industry is changing in the 21st century and what EverGreen is doing to invest in that change. If you have a piece of trucking news you want to share or you want to learn more about any information, contact our trucking company today.

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