Giving Back to Wounded Warriors: Our Trucking Company’s Commitment to Veterans

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Some of the best businesses and trucking companies across the country choose to give a share of their profits back to the communities they serve. EverGreen is no exception. While this commitment to charity is not required, we believe in doing our part to give back. Therefore, we proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project and give back to those wounded veterans who have given selflessly for our freedom.

At EverGreen, we strive to be one of the few trucking companies that always makes a difference. We think it is a priority to defend those who have defended us. We choose to support the Wounded Warrior Project because each and every man and woman who has been hurt defending our freedom deserves our respect and dedication.

Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

There are lots of good reasons for trucking companies to give back: to help support the communities that support them, to get recognition and respect, or because it is just the right thing to do. EverGreen chooses to do the right thing by giving to the Wounded Warrior Project.

At EverGreen, we recognize that trucking companies could not enjoy growth and security like we have without the safety of a free nation, and we want to thank those who have regretfully shed blood to defend that freedom. The Wounded Warrior Project is important to us because many veterans who have been injured in the defense of our nation have all too often been abandoned by their government. We will not turn our backs. When you drive for us, or hire us to drive for you, rest assured that you are working with one of the few trucking companies that is working for our vets.

Why Wounded Warrior Project

Trucking Company Committed to Veterans

We realize that we have to be selective in who we support with our money because we do not want it tied up paying the lofty salaries of administrators instead of helping people. We did a little more research and spent a little more time than other trucking companies often spend when we decided to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Simply put, we wanted to know that our money was going to the people who deserved it: the men and women who have defended our freedom.

In their yearly audit, Wounded Warrior Project revealed that over 80% of the donations they receive go directly to helping vets. That is 80 cents out of every dollar.

When it comes to getting money where it needs to be, there was no place our trucking company would rather go. We want to give more than other trucking companies, and Wounded Warrior Project helps us do that.

Supporting Our Trucking Company & Our Cause

Contact us today to learn more about what our trucking company does to help those who have helped us by defending our freedom or to learn what you can do to help support our cause.

Mission Statement

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